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Counselling Code: PPDV

Surampalli (V), Vijayawada

Why our students raise the bar ?

We has implemented value-added programs over and above the routine academic matters. The college ensures the programs of all students at individual level by monitoring, periodic evolution and constant feedback of student progress.

Student Advisors

Every student is attached to a student advisor from the first year to the final year. Student advisors help, assist, counsel and guide the students during their course of study.


Feedback is sought from students teaching methods and performance of the faculty adopted corrective steps taken from time to time.

Attendance Focus

Students and Parents are counseled on the importance of attending classes regularly. As a result of these program PPDV has more than 80% attendance on any day in any class which is among the highest.

Study Hours

Study hours are held for students who are staying in hostel & require as from the faculty, longer hours and focused teaching facilitates they to be better performers.

Training and placement cell

The Cell has been harvesting opportunities facilitating right individuals. it has representation from faculty and students and interacts with pro-selective employers and assess their recruitment needs while focusing on refining the students shills to suite the dynamic job market.

'Doing' - Building Confidence

A basic tenet of our education philosophy is to make the students proud to be an alumni of PPDCET by making the student a complete professional engineer, manager or software professional. This can be achieved by providing our students with opportunities to practically explore and apply the theoretical knowledge gained.