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Surampalli (V), Vijayawada


Science and Humanities

Engineering Sciences and Humanities Department has been established in 2008 and consists of Four Branches ECE, CSE, EEE and IT near to Vijayawada. In 2010 Mechanical Branch was introduced. Science and Humanities Department recommends an encouraging atmosphere to develop the academic competence, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving ability of its students. Students are offered mini project each semester from first year so that they may become contributing and forward-thinking members of the science and engineering community.

Department is always kith and kin to offer students an academic experience of thinking, learning, and doing. The staff members are very enthusiastic, dynamic and committed towards all the activities the department undertakes. Department is committed to serving the needs of various branches of engineering by fostering an effective teaching/learning environment and fully equipped Laboratories available for English Communication Practice, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, IT Work shop, Engineering Work Shop, Computer Programming Lab and Engineering drawing.

A dedicated language laboratory is also available for all Engineering students. Department also make certain the improvement of soft skills, written skills of students by offering communication skill, technical writing and general seminar courses. Department aims at serving the students by integrating education, research, public service, and economic development through emphasis on science, engineering and humanities. Staff members are closely associated with first year students for counseling, admission work, Curricular, Co and Extracurricular activities, and involving to create a ragging free atmosphere etc..

Importance of Science and Humanities for Engineering Graduates

  • Build up consciousness about understands the future scientific needs of society.

  • It allows students to become familiar with and use the creative ideas from great minds outside of science.

  • The state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and techniques you learn in college have a limited shelf life; mastering the humanities provides tools for extending it.

  • Humanities study strengthens student’s ability to communicate and work with others.

  • Students will gain knowledge of foreign languages and foreign traditions.

  • Prepare students to fulfill their civic and cultural responsibilities.

  • Students can benefit from advice on which courses to take.

Computer Science Engineering


List of S and H Department Faculty

# Faculty Name Qualifications with Specialization Teaching Experience in years
1 Mr M Vishnu Murthy Asst.PROFESSOR M.A., M.A.,
2 Ms R Sujata Rani Asst.PROFESSOR M.A., M.A., M.Phil(Ph.D)
3 Ms T V Nagalakshmi Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc., M.Phil(Ph.D)
4 Ms SK Noorjaha Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc.,
5 Ms D S Sudha Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc., B.Ed.,
6 Ms P Dakshayani Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc.,
7 Mr P V N Sankara Rao Asst.PROFESSOR M.A., B.Ed.,
8 Mr V China Babu Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc.,
9 Mr B Vijay Kumar Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc.,
10 Mr P Janardhan Asst.PROFESSOR M.Sc.,
11 Mr Babu Rao Physical Director M.Phil(Ph.D)