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A Technical symposium was conducted on 6th February by the SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS association and it has been a eventful day in the history of college and the venue was paladugu paravati devi college of engineering and technology. Honourable chief guest of the event was Dr.Paladugu Parvathi Devi garu the chair person of PPDCET and the judge of various events was prof.S.Sreedhar garu principal of Sri Saradhi Institute Of Science and technology and P.Chenna Rao garu principal of PPDCET and also heads of various departments has attended this event .The inauguration was presided by the honorable guests. The judge S.Sreedhar garu has given his valuable message to the students to improve their technical skills during their academics and produce a good innovative ideas in the real world. MELAZO 2k’14 a departmental newsletter was released by incorporating all the aspects of departmental activities. During this symposium we have conducted various events such as paper presentation, poster presentation, model exhibition, technical quiz and Robo race. A total of 120 papers and 50 posters were received, out of which 20 papers and 20 posters were selected for presentation. Papers and posters were received from institutions all over India. All the papers were organized into 2 sessions with each session dealing with specific fields. The event gave a great opportunity and provided a platform to interact with students in the area of ROBOTICS.

Robotics Workshop

A guest lecture was given by prof.shyam Prasad garu working as senior professor at K.L.U which was organized by K.L.U-ASME students section on 13th march 2013 by the topic “WHEELED ROBOTICS WORKSHOP”.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject with roots in electronics, computer science and mechanics. Although it is not taught in schools a lot of students still pursue it as a hobby while struggling to find out something works or does not work. In this workshop we teach students how to read a circuit diagram,how to put together components to build a circuit. Since we aim to learn by examples, we build different components of a wireless robot and put them together to what it come alive.


  • Fun experiments and practical sessions

  • Electronic kit to buid and carry home

  • Joining a mailing list community of hobby robotics enthusiasts.

  • Certificate of appreciation from K.L.U-ASME students section organization.


The main aim behind industrial visit was keeping in view the importance of having technical knowledge for a student. Our students of mechanical engineering department visited to Krishna district lorry association. It provides information on the functions and proper usage of diesel oil,inlets,outlets,gear box,rear axle and front move axle. In addition to this the metric also educates the trainees on problem solving methods. Exclusive training is given here on practical grounds where the trainee learns and also practices oneself how to attach main parts and how to detach them. Before a driver starts with his driving he is educated with the practical knowledge on traffic rules, which are very useful to students. The institute conducts useful traffic theory classes to the participants of this training programme. This is achieved through identifying,learning outcomes.

The Krishna District Lorry Owners Association was established in 1953. Goods transport was highly disorganized in those days and lorry owners were few with plenty of problems. Some enlightened operators visualised the need to organise themselves into an association to make concerted efforts to solve their problems. The result was the formation of “the krishna district lorry owners association”in 1953 and registered in 1966 at the instance of the registrar of Societies with comprehensive and well defined Industrial visits represent important activities in any engineering undergraduate programme that contribute to the achievement of various essential learning outcomes and programme objectives. This paper reports on an attempt to make the industrial visit an integral part of the course. This is achieved through identifying, learning outcomes and a suitable industrial site to achieve them. In this case a thermal power plant was identified as a site to be visited by mechanical engineering students.


An Initiative of Aerospace Engineering Graduates from IIT Kanpur is conducting workshops on various aspects of mechanical and aeronautical engineering for the undergraduates.A part of academic co-curricular activities with the support of management and department of mechanical engineering we organised workshop in our Paladugu parvati devi college of Engg & technology on October 9th and 10th 2014 The theme of workshop is aimed at students with diverse backgrounds with an interest to learn about automobile design which will make the students understand about design, analysis, and integration of engine with chassis, etc. It provides an opportunity to experience the true spirit of engineering.


  • Introduction to design of IC engines

  • Introduction to design of Automobiles

  • Lecture on important factors considered in industry as a part of Automobile Design

  • Exposure to multi disciplinary content in the automobile industry

  • Hands-on experience in dismantling and assembling an IC Engine

  • Exposure to various topics like chassis, suspensions, efficiency, etc

  • Encourages participants to think and come up with new designs

  • Opportunity for online examination and certification

  • Certificates issued to all participants

  • Good multimedia content to help participants grasp the material easily

  • Career guidance by experienced faculty


  • Develop very good understanding of automobiles

  • Exposure to Design and Integration of engine and chassis will create good awareness of industry techniques among the participants

  • Will lead to very good job opportunities especially in the automobile industry

  • Can easily use this experience to develop good B.Tech/ M.Tech projects

  • Helps to face job interviews with confidence

  • Hands-on experience in addition to their classroom training will transform the students into better engineers

  • Opportunity to interact with IIT Kanpur alumni to discuss career options


The day 3rd January, 2012 had been the eventful day in the historyof Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engg & Tech, Surampalli, Krishna Dt., Andhra Pradesh. This Paper and Poster Presentation had its main theme concentrated on Robotics and IC Engines. The venue of the Paper and Poster Presentation was scheduled to be in the seminar hall at the College. The Chief Guest was Prof .K.ShyamPrasad , Dept. Mechanical sciences, K.L. university. The inauguration function was presided over by Dr. D.VenkataRao, Principal PPDCET. Chief Guest of the function Prof .K. Shyam Prasad, K.L. University, R.Vijay Krishna, HOD of Mech Dept, delivered their speech addressing the audience about the importance of conducting “YANTRA 12” at PPDCET. A total of 96 papers and 40 posters were received, out of which 20 papers and 20 posters were selected for presentation. Papers and posters were received from institutions all over India. All the papers were organized into 2 sessions with each session dealing with specific fields. The event gave a great opportunity and provided a platform to interact with students in the area of ROBOTICS and IC engines.The theme of the conference encompasses all aspects of wheeled robots and nano robots, designing fuel efficient eco friendly engines covered a wide range of applications such as Military communication, medical, defense and space. All the participants were presented with mementos for their contributions of knowledge in this event.


On behalf of the birthday of prominent engineer & statesmen Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, and completion of 1st anniversary of the society of mechanical engineers SME, the Association had planned to celebrate this day i.e., 15-7-2012 in Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engg. & Tech organization. The Guests of Honor is DR.CH.RAVI KUMAR, principal of PPDCET, HODs of various departments. In his words, Principal DR.CH.RAVI KUMAR appreciated the team work done by the students and speeches were given by heads of various departments. Chief Advisor of SME and Head of Mechanical Department, Mr.R.Vijay Krishna, appreciated for the variety of activities done by the students in latest global trends.

On behalf of this event, students had presented Live Projects.


RC Tracked robot - Applied in military sector on uneven surfaces during missions. It utilizes tracks (i.e. chains or belts) instead of wheels. The tracked robots add a lot of benefits for traction and load disbursement.

Macro Swiss spy robot: engaged in the design and manufacture of cutting edge solutions for special operations, security and surveillance needs.

Robot controlling system: explains the movement of the robot in different ways. We have used micro controllers and DC motors for the movement of the robot in all directions.

Escalator: Moving stair case carrying people from one floor to another.

Mini A.C: works on the principle of heat transfer, used for cooling purpose and one of the eco-friendly home appliances with low cost.

Pipe Crack Detecting Robot: Identifies the cracks present in the Underground pipe line which is controlled by remote.


On 24th September 2011, II year Mechanical engineering students have attended the industrial exhibition MSME Expo, organized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprises Development Programme, held in the Automobile Technicians Association Hall, Vijayawada.Various public, private industries like APHMEL, BHEL, Vizag Steel Plant, NTPC, GAIL, SouthCentral Railway, APSRTC and have exhibited their range of products. Also conducted a seminar which created awareness in the students about Enterprenual activities.


Inauguration of Society of Mechanical Engineers:

Commemorating the birthday of prominent engineer &statesmen Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya on 15-07-2011, Society of Mechanical Engineers “SME” the First Student Chapter in Paladugu Parvathi Devi College of Engg. & Tech.was inaugurated by the Guests of Honor Mr.Y.Radha Krishna,and Mr.MRS Prakasa Rao, who are prominent MechanicalEngineers, worked in various esteemed positions in public & private sectors, also council members in The Institution ofEngineers (India).Principal, Dr. D.VenkataRao launched the society’s web portal - www.ppdcet-sme.blogspot.in and appreciated the motto of SME in functioning right from the inception by conducting variety of activities for benefit of the students by updating the latest global trends, contributing in the development of students skills.

Chief Advisor of SME & Head of Mechanical Department,Mr.R.Vijay Krishna, administered the student’s activities & articulated the Vision of the SME in “Moulding Students as Professionals” by framing the society’s student cabinet & Code of Ethics for fulfilling the aims and aspirations, by attaining Healthy atmosphere in the Department over and above in the College.