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About the Department:

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its cohesive team of faculty members, offers a sound program at the UG as well as the PG levels. The curriculum is a blend of the conventional and modern methodologies. We are updated regularly to keep up with the growing demands and the changing trends of the software industry and research. To cater to the growing demand in information technology industry, CSE branch was set-up in 2008 with the intake 0f 60. Now the present intake in the department is 90.

Today Information Technology has become pervasive, while its parent, Computing Science, has become hard to find. Instead of becoming specialty providers for the IT industry or mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, our Department has chosen to take to take the road less traveled. We continue to emphasize the pristine science that lies under the diverse aspects of computing. This is the single most important feature of the education offered here.

There are several ways to present the canonical core of computing science. Over the years we have developed a distinctive style and method that bridges the theory-practice divide while remaining grounded in the core. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of computing, whereas the science, if it changes at all, does so much more gradually. Those who are clear and thorough about the fundamentals can adapt to rapid changes in technology relatively easily. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a lifetime of learning.

We are committed to encourage free software and open source systems. We believe that using open source systems extremely good learning and an effective initiation into the culture of software development.

Student-teacher relations are informal and friendly a lack of hierarchy is very much a part of our tradition. Alumni teach many of our courses, motivated by a sense of gratitude for a place that has given them their education, and some of them are prized as our best teachers.

Our Computer Science and Engineering Department provides the quality education in computer science; to perform research that advances the skills of faculty and students computer science.

Head of the Department

Our Department of Computer Science and Engineering is an amalgamation of students and faculty having core competencies in the concerned filed.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering is a supportive environment for dialogue and knowledge sharing among students and faculty within the college. This provides a structured environment to encourage students to explore and use emerging technologies to assist organizations in everyday life.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering is asocially-curated discovery engine for exploring freely-available emerging technology tools, tutorials, and resources, such as audio, video, blogs, wikis, presentations, simulations, and more. Students are encouraged to participate and use the available resources in the department. Our department creates an environment to gain hands-on experience by interacting with most successful people who have impactful research outcomes and experience stories which are recorded on board via any online platforms.

Discovery Exercises designed by our faculty within the department allows our students to gain effective hands-on experience in various technologies. It will help us more deeply understand the course concepts.

After completing the Computer Science and Engineering Program the students will be able to identify the value and implications of systems using established and emerging technology tools for personal and professional growth. We together with students create the value to engineering using lifelong learning habits to keep pace with technology change.


S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1. Dr. M. RAMESH M.Tech., PhD. HOD and Professor in CSE
2. L. RATNA KUMARI M.Tech Asst.Prof
3. M. PRASANTHI M.Tech Asst.Prof
4. V. ANUSHA M.Tech Asst.Prof
6. V. SURESH M.Tech Asst.Prof
7. K. SIVA GOPAL M.Tech Asst.Prof
8. P. RANGHANATH M.Tech Asst.Prof
9. D VEERABABU M.Tech Asst.Prof
10. L. Nagaraju M.Sc Asst.Prof
11. P. Bhupathi Rao M.Sc Asst.Prof

Faculty Contributions

Dr. M. Ramesh:
List of Research Publications:

Available @ the following links:

Best Paper Award:

ICMS 2019: International Conference on Innovative Computing and Management Science (ICMS2019) HOTEL MYSTAYS SHIN OSAKA CONFERENCE CENTER Osaka, Japan, July 19-22, 2019

IGIP INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING EDUCATOR: Awarded by IGIP President - International Society for Engineering Pedagogy(Austria)

In FDP101x & FDP201x Ramesh M is one among the top 241 performers from a total of 5308 participants in the program organized by IIT Bombay.

Completed project “Automation of Procurement Activities of Scientists” in 1996 at LRDE, DRDO, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore under the guidence of Sri. B. Sairam, Scientist-E at DRDO and Prof. M.Radhakrishna Murhty of CSSE of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Present Areas of research:

  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning)
  • Information Security
  • Image Processing
  • Teaching and Learning using Education Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Distributed and Cloud Computing
  • Design Thinking

Ph.D. Thesis Guided (5):

S. No Name of the Student Title of the Thesis
1. N Venkata Ramana Gupta A Novel Method for User Centric - Integration in Manets Using Nature - Inspired Algorithms
2. Ch Anuradha An Efficient Outliers Detection in High Dimensional Data Based on Regression Techniques
3. M Gowtham Hybrid Mechanisms for Access Control and Trust Management in Cloud Environment
4. Venkateswara Reddy Eluri Color Image Segmentation Using Dynamic Histogram Based Rough-Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Technique
5. Ch Kiran Kumar An automated learning code summarization using anatomy and autofolding Frameworks

M.Tech Theses guided(Last 5 Years):

S. No Name of the Student Year of the Submission Title of the Project Work
1. M. Vyshnavi 2020 Automated Code Summarization for C/C++ Programs Through Crowdsourcing
2. K. Navya 2019 Clustering Of Ocean Surface Currents Near Tamilnadu Coast Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Project Completed @ ESSO- Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad.
3. K.S.V. Ganesh Kumar 2018 Keyword Query Routing
4. K. Johnny 2016 ST-DBSCAN: An algorithm for clustering spatio-temporal data of Indian Ocean Project Completed @ ESSO- Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad
5. B. Nagaraju B. Nagaraju Entity Recognition system of Health Records

Member in Professional Societies: IEEE, CSI and ISTE

Member in Professional Societies:

CS101.1x: Programming Basics, successfully completed with A+ grade, a course of study offered by IITBombayX, an online learning initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2017.

CS101.2x: Object-Oriented Programming, successfully completed with A+ grade, a course of study offered by IITBombayX,an online learning initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2017.

SKANI101xF: Basic 3D Animation using Blender, successfully completed and received A grade, a course of study offered by IITBombayX, an online learning initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2017.

FDP201x: Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process successfully completed, a course study offered by IITBombayX, an online learning initiative of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay completed in 2017.


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